1. Do you support the adoption of a comprehensive Open Government Directive by the City of Austin? The Open Government Directive would outline a consistent approach to open data, technology-enabled citizen engagement, open decision-making algorithms, and civic application development and be based on existing documents such as model legislation developed by the Sunlight Foundation, Code for America, and Civic Commons.

Supportive. I believe such an approach could improve the city government and help address the current problems of transparency, records retention, and the public's right to open public deliberation on issues.

2. Do you support the inclusion of the municipal Open Government Directive’s goals as performance benchmarks for each City of Austin department?

Supportive. I support performance benchmarks, of course - the particulars would need to be developed for each department.

3. Do you support releasing software developed by the City to the public, under an OSI approved open source license, through initiatives such as Civic Commons?

Supportive. I find open source and civic commons interesting in their potential to democratize government. I would like our community to explore the potential.

4. Do you support the existence of an Information Authority modeled after the U.K.’s Information Commissioner’s Office to provide oversight of government data as a public good?

Undecided. I need more information about how and where an information authority would operate.

5. Do you support studying whether Austin should join cities such as Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., in pledging support for a publicly-accessible open-standard protocol for 311 services, such as the currently proposed Open311 API specification?

Supportive. I would appreciate additional information concerning the steps necessary to develop an open-standard protocol for 311 services for Austin.

6. Do you support the creation of an application development contest that leverages public data and APIs?

Supportive. I believe an application development contest would yield some great ideas and show the depth of creativity and talent across our community. Such a contest would also likely strengthen the government's connection to the community.

7. How will you and/or your staff use social media to promote citizen engagement and improved service delivery?

I will use my city website page and social media to provide information about key events and issues. I am supportive of methods and means that increase the public's active involvement in their local government.